Swiss Cottage - Empora: Luxury and Bespoke Kitchens and Bedrooms, Traditional and Modern Designs
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Swiss Cottage


Swiss Cottage homes were adapted in the 19th century in the cold and mountainous areas of Switzerland and Germany. This storybook, picturesque style evokes the fanciful design of cuckoo clocks, which were popular during the time. Roughly cut lumber was a primary building material, and homes consisted of exposed beams, wide eaves and sloping roofs to shed the snow.

Wood dominates the look of Swiss Cottage style so floors, walls and the furniture will be in traditional designs and made from softwood such as pine, fir or larch and surfaces will be untreated and unpainted. Flooring may also be made up of terracotta tiles or brick. Interior walls are often whitewashed with wood paneling painted white or light blue, and there may be decorative carvings and mouldings.